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Our Mission

In the Athletes' world, finding trustworthy and reliable sources is difficult. Injury-prevention and rehabilitation are key when performing at a high-level.
We are a Team of sports-oriented medical and athletic practitioners that boost you to the maximum by improving your body and mental fitness based on our three principles: 
Injury Prevention. Rehabilitation. Performance.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build and provide a unique network of Athletes, Medical Doctors, and Therapists to reduce injuries, improve rehabilitation, and maximize overall performance. 
Our global team of experts provides you with important articles and the most recent literature based on sports medicine. 
To increase your performance, we are regularly releasing  videos including coaching and tutorials based on evidence-based sports medicine.
We know that the foundation of performance in work, life, and sports is a healthy mind and body. 
Take responsibility for your body, mind, and soul and join our exclusive Performance Lab Community.

Medizinisches Kreuz

Prevention &


Injury prevention through high-level evidence-based medicine. Our team of experts helps you in preventing injuries, avoiding setbacks, and optimizing your rehabilitation. Take control of your mind and body.



Our Expert Team will help you optimizing performance by challenging your current lifestyle and mindset through evidence-based medicine. Achieving your goals by maintaining a high level of Quality-of-Life and boosting you to the maximum is our mission.

Mann in Lederhose


Being an Athlete is more than just sports. It's a lifestyle. Join our community and be part of our PerformanceLab including experts and scientists from all over the World. Your evidence-based weekly challenge will help you perform better every day. Step-by-Step.



Consulting, treatment, and performance-optimizing of nonelite level and ProAthletes are our daily business. Based on the three principles of the PerformanceLab, we will help your company boosting the performance of your team by improving their Work-Life-Balance. Prevention of injuries and sickness is key.  

Arzt und Patient

The Experts

Our global expert community consists of dedicated Athletes,  Medical Doctors, Therapists, Coaches, Sports, and Nutrition scientists. Each Member of the Team has high expertise in its field and talks the athlete's language.

Prof. Andreas B. Imhoff

Prof. Dr.

Andreas B. Imhoff, MD

Expert. Sport Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine at Technical University of Munich, Germany. One of the world's leading orthopaedic surgeons, Prof. Imhoff worked with famous clients all over the world.  Experienced athlete with more than 500 publications in his portfolio. 

Dr. Daniel Berthold


Daniel P. Berthold,


Founder. Medical Doctor.



Dedicated athlete and Medical Doctor specializing in Orthopaedic sports medicine in Munich, Germany. Spent one year in the United States as a Research Fellow investigating sports injuries and their therapeutical approach. As an active Athlete, he is familiar with the Athletes mindset. 

Dr. Lukas N. Münch


Lukas N. Münch,


Medical Doctor. 



Spent 14 months in the United States investigating shoulder, knee and elbow injuries. Dr. Münch is currently working in as a medical doctor in Munich, specializing in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. 

Prof. Sebastian Siebenlist

Prof. Dr.

Sebastian Siebenlist, MD, MHBA

Expert. Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon specialized in Elbow and Upper Limb Surgery


Senior Physician at the Department of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine at Technical University of Munich, Germany. As a practiced athlete, Prof. Siebenlist has expertise in working with athletes Numerous publications make him one of the most recognized professors in its field. 

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